"The five wings of Chawpiñamca" is a multimedia art, gaming and storytelling project built around the female characters of the Huarochirí manuscript, one of the most unique and valuable Andean texts, written at the end of the 16th century during the "extirpation of idolatries" campaign held during the Viceroyalty of Peru.

This virtual and on-site route allows us to meet and recover the memory of these women who have been silenced and forgotten for a long time. Who were they?, why where they important?, which interests and priorities guided their decisions?. What is probably more intriguing: how their agendas are linked to the ones of actual women?

We still don't know much about them....

.... but the Manuscript gives names and stories of important female goddesses or so called "huacas", their sanctuaries and the rituals they received. However, over time the memory of these goddesses was forgotten, obscured and often buried. It is time to bring them to light.

These powerful women of the past invite us to seek them out, prompting us to adjust our preconceptions and look back at their stories to rediscover their importance and the intertwined relationships that binds them, as well as what binds us to them.


The execution of the project DIOSAS Y HEROINAS DE HUAROCHIRI has been possible thanks to the co-funding of the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism through the program TURISMO EMPRENDE, of which ARAWI PERÚ was a beneficiary in its call 2021. It is also possible thanks to the effort and dedication of the whole team de trabajo. 

Our special thanks to The Chaupin Oracle project for granting us the rights to use the music of Mario Osorio Olazábal for the app. 

The Chaupin Oracle

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