We will get to know the Andean goddesses and the pre-Hispanic stories of the department of Lima, hand in hand with the mythical characters of the Huarochirí Manuscript

We will visit San Damian and its historical places and we will use the map to trace our route to the point we want to see. We will experience this animated landscape, the textures of the place, the local cultural expressions, the objects and memories through the mobile application.

Here nature is a living and acting entity. The water, the rivers, the lakes and the sea are alive and the animals are the intermediaries with the sacred. We will approach the stories of Cañete, Canta and Yauyos through our senses in an interactive route that will immerse us in a magical dimension of the origins of Andean civilization. We will discover their worldview and gender dynamics, the relationship of peoples with their territory, giving new meaning to places and the forgotten women of our history.


San Damián, en la sierra central de Lima, fue el escenario de unos eventos que marcaron silenciosamente la historia del Perú: El inicio de los procesos de "extirpación de idolatrías". La persecución sistemática y destrucción de los antiguos cultos y creencias andinas, las "wakas" o seres sagrados, que aún sobrevivían tras años de presencia española y cristianización forzada. 

In his persecutory endeavour, the priest Francisco de Avila, with the help of local people, compiled, in Quechua, the oral testimony describing the origin myths of the area: The Huarochiri Manuscript.

Este recorrido por los territorios de Huarochirí significará el contacto con una historia olvidada que nos permitirá tener una perspectiva renovada sobre nosotras misma, como parte de la experiencia de muchas otras mujeres.

Our trip starts in the town of San Damián, among abandoned water canals, a burnt house and an old colonial church. 

Five mythical stories, five heroines  

Undoubtedly the most important goddess of the manuscript is Chawpiñamca, "huaca woman animator" and fertiliser of worlds. 

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