This project is the result of a collective effort involving a multidisciplinary team of creators, developers, researchers and entrepreneurs, from diverse origins, territories and sensibilities. It is in this richness that the story of the goddesses continues to be woven....

Tati Quiñones


I am a photographer, journalist and traveller. I'm interested in history and I'm curious about the digital world. Peru amazes me with its diversity, its landscapes, its food, but above all I enjoy its people. I feel the need to share the sensation of discovery and excitement that I feel when I travel through this land, a camera on my shoulder, with those who are curious about Peru.

Maribel Tovar


I am an anthropologist and I have a master degree in anthropology and audiovisual communication. I have lived for many years between Barcelona, ​​where I raised my family, and Peru, my country of origin. I have developed various projects on gender, visuality, migration and urban spaces. In 2013 I created the company Arawi Peru, of which I am co-director: a comprehensive project that seeks to articulate tourism, gender and heritage, promoting another way of approaching Peruvian history and culture. 

Alida Lazo


As a graduate in Administration, I think it is part of a personal purpose to actively contribute to the development of sustainable tourism through eco-tourism projects that promote collective economic development without neglecting the environment that surrounds us.

Sofía Chacaltana


I have a PhD in anthropology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a degree in archaeology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. I am a research associate at the Larco Museum and the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago; author of books and articles on colonisation processes carried out by pre-Hispanic societies, water governance and studies Andean gender dynamics.

Angela Zignago


I am a multidisciplinary professional with studies in anthropology, performing arts, personal development and oral storytelling. I am a specialist in the creation of educational and communicative methodologies based on theatre, narration and storytelling. I am interested in the revaluation of the oral tradition, the reflective potential of art for social transformation and the construction of coexistence through creative and inclusive dialogue. 

Viviana Quea


I am a specialist in cultural management, cultural funding and project development. My work takes place at the intersection of anthropology, management, art and technology. I have been living between Austria and Peru for several years and I'm co-founder of Cultura Espiral, a strategic consulting platform for cultural projects. 

Pamela Monzón


I am Peruvian, graphic designer and illustrator from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. I have illustrated children's books for Editorial Panamericana and Colmena Editores. I have also worked as an illustrator and designer for the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the Ministry of Education in my country. I am currently studying a Master in Illustration and Comic at Elisava Escuela Universitaria de Diseño en Ingeniería in Barcelona.

Wilder Nina


I received my Master's degree in Computer Science, mention in Information Technology at the University of San Agustin de Arequipa, thanks to a full scholarship funded by CONCYTEC. I have 6 years of experience developing and leading basic and applied research projects funded by CONCYTEC, INNOVATE, PNIPA, using Remote Sensing, BigData, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. During the last 4 years I have conducted field visits and made alliances with OSPAS, Chambers of Commerce, CITES and private companies in the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Piura, Puno, Arequipa and Moquegua.

Francisca Riffo


Game developer who loves bad jokes and animals. Born in Chile, she studied Video Game Development Engineering at the University of Talca, Chile where she learned the basics to be able to specialize as a programmer with flexibility of technologies that can implement whatever the designers want. She has a selection of small games to her credit such as "Peluchin Go", "Alma", or "Dealt". Games that are very different from each other, but each one very entertaining in its respective genre. All of them and many more can be found on her website:

Hugo Alberto Trujillo Martínez


Biologist from the National University of Colombia and software developer particularly interested in topics related to evolution, complex systems and digital art. Curiosity is a guiding element in the search for new learning and bringing together art, science and programming creates such a rich field to explore that what emerges from it will always be worthwhile, whether for personal enjoyment or to share with others to adapt and learn a little more.

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